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Adorable: The Ili Pika is one of the world's rarest mammals, and has been spotted          for the first time in 20 years in its natural territory in the Xinjiang region of                                                             northwestern China

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Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime
​Animals Which Will Be Extinct Within Your Lifetime
Shrinking habitat
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red wolf
Red Wolf
 Each Picture In Scroller,tells A Story
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 Each Picture In Scroller,tells A Story
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Our Endangered Species
10 Animals That May Go Extinct in the Next 10 Years
Mexican Wolf
Vaquita Porpoise
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Mexican Gray Wolf
Vaquita Porpoise
​Scientists are worried about the high rate of recent animal extinctions in the world. It is estimated that approximately half of the species alive on earth today may become extinct within the next 75 years. What are the causes of this alarming rate of extinctions and why are so many species endangered? Below we will explore these questions.

This site will supply pages of interesting extinct animal facts and list both recently extinct animal facts and information about prehistoric extinct animals. There is information on mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects; some of the animal names, like the Dodo Bird, will be familiar to every school kid and others will not be as commonly known.

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